The Original Electronic Hookah

The Original

The original electronic hookah. Now there is a totally new and unique way to Smoke!

Our original, e-hookah is the perfect way to share the satisfaction of Smoking with others. Use it at parties and social events or just a quiet evening with the one you love.

Share theĀ  Original e-hookah Satisfaction- Smoke Together.

The original e-hookah was designed for top quality that will ensure years of enjoyment with friends and loved ones.

The original e-hookah allows you to smoke with the highest smoke volume in the industry. With a variety of flavors and nicotine levels, the original e-hookah offers convenience and performance that is unmatched.

The original E-Hookah Kit Contains:
1 E-Hookah
2 Hoses
1 Power Cord

Limited Supply!
Starting to ship July 1st 2016

Height: 80cm
Bottom Width: 19cm